I'm Bill,  your  Hand Made   Goat's Milk   Soap Guy.

This little business of mine, HopeMade Soap, started out very small, with learning and perfecting the art of producing small batches of hand made soap.  Along the way it quickly became obvious, with relatives and friends asking for more and more, that this "special recipe"  for delightful soap was also a recipe for success. 

I am blessed now to have my extended family helping with the production of the bars of soap, so that I have more time to market the product to my loyal followers in downtown Walnut Creek, California.  While our soaps are "Home Made', we have developed a very sophisticated system of production, while also staying true to our "heirloom" origins.

I was encouraged to mention the reasoning for the company name, so I'll go ahead and explain.  HopeMade Soap, It's very simple.  I have a condition called Cerebral Palsy, as well as a Vision Impairment, and so my HOPE was to find a venture that would allow me to do good works for others, while allowing me to also generate income for myself.  

I needed a type of work that was ideal in relation to my "challenges", and I wanted to strive to innovate in creating an opportunity for myself, rather than looking to others.  It's really turned out to be a fantastic endeavor.  It gets me out and about, interacting with members of my community, and it really gives me a GREAT feeling to offer a product I can be proud of. 

So,  HopeMade Soap is an occupation that has been born by way of my own little entrepreneurial dream.  It keeps me active and productive, while also enabling me to have the freedom to pursue my other goals and interests. 

Thank you so very much for spending some time with me here.  I'd love to process an order for you today.  You can either call me, or Place an  ORDER  here online.   

I also HOPE to see you soon, at the corners of  Mt. Diablo and Main St. in Walnut Creek... 

A picture of Bill out working his sales